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Debeaking poultry

There are to sides of the story regarding the debeaking of poultry as standard practice. Industrial egg producers believe, or want consumers to believe, that hens are cannibalistic by nature; and therefore, they would quickly peck each other to death unless beaks were “trimmed” after hatching.

On the contrary, ethologists and animal welfare advocates, among many others, are trying to inform consumers about the real reasons behind debeaking, which not only causes pain to the animal but often leads to other health problems including inability to eat and depression. This procedure has allowed industrial poultry farms to house hundreds of thousands of birds under extreme stressful and confined conditions.

According to United Poultry Concerns, “Beak amputation of chickens and turkeys is an inhumane substitute for the proper management of these species of birds. Debeaking is not like trimming one's fingernails. It is a serious welfare insult to birds that should be prohibited by law.”

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The intentional causing of pain and suffering to any of God’s creature is an offense to God. Greed and profit have driven humanity to treat God’s animals as commodities with no regard to their suffering; and their exploitation for human benefit has serious ethical complications. God’s animals are sentient beings whose God-given rights must be respected.

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