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We can eat anything with four legs, except the table

This popular Vietnamese saying seems to be getting awfully close to reality. Conservationists fear that the illegal trade of animals might put some species in the endangered list or even lead them to extinction. According to Eric Coull, Greater Mekong representative for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), “The current levels of overexploitation for both legal and illegal wildlife trade are widely considered to be the single greatest threat to many species, over and above habitat loss and degradation." Even though poaching and hunting of any animal without a permit has been illegal since 1975 the law enforcement is weak and smugglers are able to get false permits.

To read the full article please visit http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2006/09/060913-vietnam-wildlife.html 

A caged monkey, like the one in the article it’s one more victim who suffers without any justification in the hands of humans. The eyes of the monkey convey helplessness and fear, which victimizers cannot even acknowledge because of their insensitivity or even worse, they perceive it but don’t care. People who continue to eat animals in the US, when reading this news, might become enraged just because it deals with animals that in the US are not seen as food; however, these same people fail to see the cruelty and suffering the farmed animals are subjected to within our borders.

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