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Milk and speciesism

Drinking the milk of another species, such as of cows and goats has been widely accepted as normal and common practice even though humans are the only species who nurse past infancy and drink milk of a different species through adulthood. What would most people think if the opposite happened and other species nursed on human breast milk?

Humans, through centuries, have been known to discriminate other people on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, etc. However, most people do not realize that humans’ greatest discrimination is against other species.

The 2 following articles, sent by Karen, one of our CVA sustaining members, talk about acts of compassion across species: humans, with their own breast milk, nursing puppies that had lost their mothers. Interestingly, but not surprisingly, these women made the news for such acts that are an every day thing with an important difference. These women offered their milk to puppies that needed it for survival; while everyday cows and other animals are milked not only without their consent, but at the expense of their suffering and their offspring’s; and without humans needing their milk for survival.

A Bolivian woman has saved an abandoned one-week-old puppy by breastfeeding it. She found the dog in a rubbish dump in the town of Cochabamba, reports the Los Tiempos newspaper. The woman, who has a 14-month-old daughter, is calling the puppy Manchitas. She said: "I will give the dog my milk while I can. When it sucks, the puppy behaves like a human baby, no difference at all. I think it's pretty natural."


A young Norwegian mother who took a litter of puppies to her own breast when her dog died giving birth remains proud of her unusual move. Now, six weeks later, both her infant son and eight of the puppies that survived are crawling around the family's Christmas tree in Siggerud, south of Oslo.


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