Take Heart!
From Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

Arizona initiative development

August 2006

The Arizona initiative, Proposition 204, to reduce confinement of pregnant pigs and calves raised for veal, is being fiercely opposed by the pig industry.

In the state of Arizona there is no veal production and only one company raises pigs for food, PFFJ (Pigs for Farmer John).

The company clearly doesn’t want its consumers to see how pigs are raised in today’s factory farms as it has denied entrance to reporters, citing disease-related hazards as the reason.

One reporter, who even offered to undergo the same sanitizing procedures as plant workers do, still was denied entrance; although he got company approval to send its own crew in to videotape conditions there. It says the media will have to rely on that video.

According to a state wide poll the majority of the surveyed support the initiative (57% strongly and 21% somewhat) and only 13% strongly oppose it.

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