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  1. The Problem of Evil, Part 2
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1. The Problem of Evil, Part 2

Last issue (May 13), I began an exploration of the question: If God is good and God is all-powerful, why is there evil in the world? I considered #3 from the list below:

  1. God is not good.
  2. God is not all-powerful.
  3. There is no evil. In other words, while perhaps imperfect, this is the best of all possible worlds.
  4. Without the option to choose to do evil, humans could never exercise free will. Free will is important for, among other things, discerning who deserves heavenly reward and who deserves punishment in hell.
  5. There is no contradiction, because God’s truth is different from human truth.
  6. There is no God, and therefore there is no theodicy problem.

I will next consider #4. I also find this unsatisfactory. We can choose whether or not to harm nonhumans and each other. But, if God gave us this capacity, then it raises doubts about God’s goodness. However much we might value having free will, the cost to innocent victims seems much too high.

Another difficulty relates to the question of free will. Assuming that free will is an attribute shared by humans (and some philosophers dispute this position with cogent arguments), there is no doubt that our free will is limited.

For example, environmental factors over which we have no control strongly influence our beliefs, feelings, and actions. Those raised in loving, safe households are more likely to express kindness and compassion as adults than those who were raised in violent, unsafe households. Further, life situations profoundly influence behavior. A hungry person is more likely to steal.

If having faith in Christ is crucial to divine reward, then those who are raised in a Christian family have an unfair advantage over those raised in non-Christian households, particularly if their adoption of Christianity would result in rejection by their families. Therefore, there are difficulties with the notion that free will is important to divine judgment.

Stephen R. Kaufman, MD

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