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  1. Partisanship Is the Enemy of Truth
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1. Partisanship Is the Enemy of Truth

Humans have always been inclined to tribalism, in large part due to the scapegoating process. Both universalism and protection of individual rights generally requires resistance to tribalism. This resistance invariably includes critical thinking about those assumptions and beliefs that underly the loyalty to one’s tribe as well as the capacity to take the point of view of individuals outside one’s tribe. Loyalty to one’s tribe requires accepting falsehoods as truth, because one’s tribe is not always on the side of truth and righteousness. Religious beliefs, by virtue of being resistant to contradictory evidence, can facilitate believing falsehoods.

Those who seek truth often find the project daunting, because there has been an explosion of information. We lack the capacity to understand and integrate all the relevant human knowledge that pertains to a wide range of important issues. We must rely on authorities to help make sense of the world. The problem is that it is hard to find trustworthy authorities.

In our current, highly partisan world, anyone who deviates from the narrative of one party is rejected by members of the other party. Adding fresh data or insights has little bearing on public views on a given issue. Further, there is little space for moderate, nuanced positions, where the truth often lies. When the truth has little currency and when the personal and profession cost for attempting to speak truth is high, democracy cannot flourish. This is particularly the case in the United States, where our cohesion as a nation is not grounded in ethnicity. Rather, we are unified by a commitment to certain ideals. If our loyalty is to a partisan party rather than ideals, then truth will be the first victim of the partisan wars. And, it is much more lucrative, and often safer, for our institutions – the media, the universities, the government, and others – to take sides and ascribe to the narrative of one party or the other party than to pursue truth.

A post-truth world desperately needs prophets. Those who speak with a prophetic voice are committed to justice, which is grounded in truth. When it comes to animal issues, there has been a longstanding need for prophetic voices, given humanity’s ongoing, massive mistreatment of nonhumans. It is possible that the collapse of human civilization, which is currently a very real risk, will ultimately substantially reduce the scale of animal abuse. I would hope that such a reprieve for nonhumans would not come at such a terrible loss to the people and the culture that I cherish.

Stephen R. Kaufman, M.D.

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