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1. Truth and the Media

As a nonviolent movement that seeks change through persuasion, we animal advocates rely on facts and logic to make our case. If people don’t believe in the general integrity of historically trusted sources of information, such as the news media, scientists, and (trusted to a lesser degree) government officials, we cannot make compelling arguments. For example, we rely on investigations and scientific research to argue that conditions of factory farms are horrific and that nonhumans can suffer and feel pain. Last essay, I noted that trust in “authorities” and institutions has diminished. Have they actually become less trustworthy? I will first consider the news media.

The Internet and cable TV have fractured American audiences into smaller groups who can live within distinct information bubbles. On topics that have significant political implications, there is little overlap, for example, between Fox News and MSNBC. As Americans have become increasingly polarized, they have tend to demonize members of the “other” political persuasion. The terms people use and the policy positions they take become signals for which group they belong to. Those who challenge the orthodoxy of their side risk ostracism, job loss, and other consequences. It is difficult, if not dangerous, to articulate moderate or more nuanced views.

Consequently, the major news media, eager to preserve its viewership, has strong incentives to appeal to one of the two main teams. There are other news outlets that try to capture smaller niche segments of the population, including those who appeal to members of the public interested in less partisan, more nuanced views. A problem is that, if this last group is intimidated into silence by the pervasive cancel culture of the Left and Right that I talked about a few months ago, they become relatively irrelevant to the public debate.

The media is in the truth business only to the degree to which its customers are interested in truth. Divergence of values has always strained democratic institutions, but it is impossible to resolve conflicts peacefully if people get their information from different media outlets that present fundamentally different versions of reality. This is a real danger to our democracy, and it represents great challenges for animal advocates who seek nonviolent change.

Stephen R. Kaufman, M.D.

2. From All-Creatures.Org Ministry

One of this week’s features is “How Fireworks Harm Nonhumans.” Please share this on your social media feeds to influence others who may be getting ready to make firework purchases for the 4th of July. If we work together our results will be stronger! Thank you.

Again, this week’s edition is packed full of information covering up-to-the-moment 2022 topics including GOOD news for animals, thought-provoking AR articles, religious and spiritual vegan information, art & stories, and so much more!

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In the Love of the Lord,
Frank L Hoffman


Tams Nicholson
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