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  1. The May-June “Peaceable Table” Is Now Online
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1. The May-June “Peaceable Table” Is Now Online


  • The Glimpse of the Peaceable Kingdom shows Torque the dog raising Shrek, the infant owl.
  • The Least of These, the Editor's Corner Essay, tells of the Near-Death Experience of Tom Sawyer of Rochester, New York, and what it taught him about the fact that each of us is one with every living being we have ever encountered.
  • The Pioneer for this issue is a long-lived contemporary of Jesus, Apollonius of Tyana, another wise man, teacher and, apparently, wonder-worker. As a neo-Pythagorean, he was also a vegetarian.
  • This month's Book Review by Robert Ellwood is of The Animal's Companion: People and their Pets, a 26,000-Year-Old Love Story, by Jacky Coliss Harvey.
  • Enjoy the tasty Potato-Cauliflower Soup. from the cookbook The Feast of Friendship, featured in the Recipe for this issue.
  • The May-June Poem is Wordsworth's sonnet, "The World Is Too Much with Us." It does not deal with animals specifically, but with the regrettable loss of awareness of so many people of our kinship with all of nature.

To read this issue, go HERE.

With this issue of THE PEACEABLE TABLE, we have completed eighteen years of advocacy for our animal cousins based on our Christian faith in the unity of human beings with all other beings. We are grateful that our gray cells still function in our eighties, but we are ready to retire. A number of essays from PT can be found in Taking the Adventure: Faith and Our Kinship With Animals, published by Wipf and Stock in 2014. Another collection of essays from PT may appear in a year or so.

May God bless and keep us all.

Gracia Fay Ellwood, Editor
Robert Ellwood, Reviewer

"You must not stand idly by while your neighbor bleeds."--Lev. 19:16

Comment: I’d like to express my appreciation for Gracia Fay and Robert Ellwood. They have devoted much of their time and effort to protecting God’s creatures in many ways. In my view, these are lives well lived – dedicated to the pursuit of justice and peace.

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