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  1. Problems with Cancel Culture – Tribalism
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1. Problems with Cancel Culture – Tribalism

Previously, I discussed how cancel culture, while superficially resembling the scapegoating process, differs from scapegoating in that there does not appear to be any associated communal unification. Instead, it breeds dualistic tribalism, in which people are forced to choose sides. This is particularly dangerous if humanity is to meet the growing threats to human civilization.

A crucial component of cancel culture is that the slightest infraction, whether genuinely hurtful or not and whether intentional or not, can result in job loss and/or social ostracism. One is forced to choose between two sides, openly rejecting one side and violating that side’s taboos while being extremely careful not to reject the taboos of one’s own chosen side. Articulating the merits of both sides, however reasonable or fact-based one’s points might be, results in rejection by both sides.

The growth in human population and well-being has been possible through the fruits of human civilization, including medicine, engineering, other sciences. These same powerful technologies also threaten human civilization through climate change, profligate wastage of essential natural resources, the spread of weapons of mass destruction, and massive personal, institutional, and governmental debts that imperil interconnected global economies. Collapse of human civilization would bring much misery to humanity as populations and standards of living declined. Preservation of human civilization will require collective action to create a world that is environmentally, economically, and militarily sustainable. The tribalism that both feeds cancel culture and results from cancel culture undermines such collective action.

Next week, I will explore how we share a common destiny with nonhumans as well as fellow humans.

Stephen R. Kaufman, M.D. 

2. All-Creatures.org Ministry

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